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June 2015

How to Use Files in Python

Lets look into a program to create a file,

write some strings into it and also to read the string stored in it and to print it. file1 Continue reading “How to Use Files in Python”


How to Define a Simple ‘for’ Loop

Here we are going to discuss, how to define a simple ‘for’ loop.

forloop1Look at the code snippet: Continue reading “How to Define a Simple ‘for’ Loop”

How To Define a Simple Function Which Passes Parameters

Here  we a going to define a function which carries some parameters.
Here as in the previous program, we define functions.

But here some variables are passed as parameters.

funcal 2

Look at the code snippet:

def addd(a,b):

Here we have defined a function ‘addd’.

Continue reading “How To Define a Simple Function Which Passes Parameters”

How to Define a Simple Function Without Passing Parameters

So now we have learned to make a simple calculator.

But there we have not used function calls.
if you have missed it read it.

By using functions we can make that program much simpler than the one we had once written. Continue reading “How to Define a Simple Function Without Passing Parameters”

A simple program to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide

We have learned to print ‘hello world’ in the previous program.

If you haven’t , Please go here.

Now we are going to look into a simple program to

add, subtract, multiply and divide two numbers,something like a simple calculator.

Now lets look into our program. Continue reading “A simple program to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide”

A Simple Calculator

Today we are going to show you how to make a simple calculator using c++ . We would discuss complex calculator in the next edition.

This calculator has been made using one of the basic and most used c++ syntax “the switch statement”. Switch statement in layman terms is a syntax which replaces many conditional statements of “if” into one single statement. Continue reading “A Simple Calculator”

Hello World

Let’s start the coding in python.

If you have not yet installed Python go here.

To know what Python is, go here.

Python is a very simple programming language.

We shall code the  “hello world” program in Python. Continue reading “Hello World”

Understanding Python

Programming in Python

Python is a general-purpose,interactive,object-oriented and high-level programming language.

Continue reading “Understanding Python”

Python : Installation

The Last post gave you an idea about Python and its Coding aspects.

If you missed that post,Then You may certainly go here.

First let me tell you how to install Python. Continue reading “Python : Installation”

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