The Last post gave you an idea about Python and its Coding aspects.

If you missed that post,Then You may certainly go here.

First let me tell you how to install Python.

You can find Python Installations which supports on most of the latest Operating Systems very easily.

To Download the file suited for you Click on this link.

To be frank, on trying to download Python, I was confused to on seeing two different versions to download!!

This guide helped me choosing between the two.

I  certainly recommend you to read this.

I chose the version Python 3.4.3.

For you Python 2.7.10 may find more easy and basic.

Choose for yourselves after reading the GUIDE .

After choosing the best suited for you,

Open the installer.

I will show you how to install Python 3.4.3 in Windows 7.

Programming in Python

This is the first window that appears.

Click Next.

Programming in Python

You can select the directory to which the files are to be installed.

Then click Next.

Programming in Python

Before this step an another window appears,asking you to choose the modules to be installed.

Just ignore it and Click Next.

After that this window will appear.

Be patient It takes maximum 3/4 minutes.

Programming in Python

Thanks to you for being patient!

You have installed Python in Windows 7

Look the Image below.

It is what the Python 3.4.3 Shell looks likeProgramming in Python

Get ready to code in Python!!!

Lets Code FUN !