The technology has being going in a tremendous up graph.

The web technology in the 21st era is an unavoidable factor.

Here from today we will learn how to create websites by ourselves.

We see a lot of websites always, have you ever thought how it is made? :/

Do you think it as a tough job?

Never, web designing is easy if the base knowledge in HTML is strong. So we will learn HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

The latest version of HTML is HTML 5.

We will start form the basics.

As we are in the begging stage we can code in NOTEPAD and later can be moved to other sophisticated softwares. 🙂

The first thing you need to do is to open a new notepad window in your system.

Every HTML code will be between

<html> & </html>

i.e, If we write an html code it should be inside the opening and closing statements as given above .

The codes in HTML are called ‘Tags’.

A tag is opened using <> and closed using </>

Inside this angle bracket we write the HTML tags ”<>”.

The statements to be displayed inside the web page are given inside body tag.


 <body> This is a HTML </body>

A basic html program is given below:

This is our first webpage

In the program we added a title inside the head tag.

Title which we gave will appear as the name of the webpage.

The <title> </title> tag should be enclosed inside <head> </head> tag.

After typing the above code you need to save it the notepad as a HTML code.

While saving you need to give an extension “.html” to make the notepad as a HTML document.

Now go to the folder where you saved the document and open the file in any of the browsers and it will result as below.

Intro To HTML

So now you have successfully created a webpage. A website is a collection of such Web Pages.

The extension of html program is .html or .htm