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Hello World

Let’s start the coding in python.

If you have not yet installed Python go here.

To know what Python is, go here.

Python is a very simple programming language.

We shall code the  “hello world” program in Python. Continue reading “Hello World”


Understanding Python

Programming in Python

Python is a general-purpose,interactive,object-oriented and high-level programming language.

Continue reading “Understanding Python”

Python : Installation

The Last post gave you an idea about Python and its Coding aspects.

If you missed that post,Then You may certainly go here.

First let me tell you how to install Python. Continue reading “Python : Installation”

Lets Learn To ADD Two Numbers

In this Blog we will learn about how to Add two Numbers.

Firstly I will Show you the Program

Look Carefully

C++ Programming
Code To Add Two Numbers

Continue reading “Lets Learn To ADD Two Numbers”

Hello world Without Semi Colon(;)

In the last blog we have seen that a Semi Colon (;) is used to end a command line in C++.

So can we RUN a program which never uses a semi colon?

If you think it’s Possible, You are damn right!!===>Coding is FUN

In this blog we shall learn about “Hello World” Program which uses NO semi colon.

Look carefully into this Screenshot. Continue reading “Hello world Without Semi Colon(;)”

Lets See a Sample C++ Program

When I studied C++ ,all the first chapters were too much boring since they contain only THEORY

to help you understand what a Program is and the basic GRAMMAR (Syntax) to be followed while writing these.

But I shall take you guys Directly to a C ++ Code.

Continue reading “Lets See a Sample C++ Program”

How To Install C Plus Plus In Windows 7/8.1 (32-bit/64-bit)

hello world in C by Pcbots

Today Lets install Turbo C++ compiler in Windows 7/8 (32/64 bit)

Continue reading “How To Install C Plus Plus In Windows 7/8.1 (32-bit/64-bit)”

About Me


Hello Guys,


I am Ramees KR .

I currently pursue Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The reason why i wanted to start this humble blog is to help you guys in any way I can.

I dedicate this Blog to all my friends who wanted to CODE but had problems learning to.

As you are reading this i understand that Coding is a big problem for you.


Trust me,

As a student coding seemed a bit hard for me too.

Earlier I used to by heart the codes that our tutor give and try to reproduce it.

But later I realized Coding is not by hearting but it is of understanding.

Once you try to understand what you are learning,it becomes enjoyable.

Yes you read it right! I said CODING IS FUN!!!

I shall do my level best to guide you guys to make you

have a wonderful knowledge in programming.

Thank You For Reading

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